Terms of use

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before you proceed to use all or any parts of akaTrans. When Customer creates an account and uses products and/or services of akaTrans, Customer has completely agreed to the terms of use that akaTrans has given. In case you do not agree with one or more items in our terms of use (this version and updated versions), please do not use any products or services of akaTrans.


akaTrans is a translation platform that incorporates machine translation to effectively assist users with all translation-related tasks, which include editing, reviewing, sharing documents among team members, and managing projects.

Currently akaTrans is providing the following services:

  • akaTrans Machine Translation (AMT) is an automatic machine translation powered with AI technologies, allowing users to translate large amount of text from multiple languages while retaining the document’s original format. Notably, translation accuracy of documents from Japanese to Vietnamese may reach up to 90%.

Customers can access AMT via this link: https://translate.akatrans.com.vn/

  • akaTrans CAT Tool is a computer-assisted translation tool that helps users edit, review documents, and manage projects directly from the online platform.

Customers can access akatrans CAT via the following link:

Individual version: https://mycat.akatrans.vn/

Business version: https://ent.akatrans.vn/

Version for educational institutions: https://edu.akatrans.vn/

FPT: is short for FPT Software, a limited liability company based in Hanoi, Vietnam – owner of akaTrans.

Customers: are Businesses or Individuals interested in using akaTrans platform.

Personal account: is an account for use by an individual for that person’s own needs and is accessible via links to akaTrans’s services.

Business account: is an account for use by an individual for the needs of that person’s business.

For every business that is served by akaTrans, there will be one corresponding business account on the akaTrans platform. The business customer has full rights to create other accounts for their employees to use the service of akaTrans.

Educational accounts: are individual accounts provided to educational institutions by akaTrans for educational and research relevant purposes.


(i) akaTrans is obliged to ensure quality of services as outlined in the “Quality Service Commitment”, making sure the services are in compliance with “Privacy Policy” as published on the official website of akaTrans;

(ii) akaTrans is not responsible for cases when customers violate law regulations or any provisions as outlined in this Agreement.

(iii) akaTrans guarantees to receive support requests from customers through:


(i) comply with all legal requirements relating to the use of products and services of akaTrans;

(ii) agree not to sublicense, transfer, pledge, offer, warrant or interfere with akaTrans or any rights granted in this Agreement in any manners other than clearly stated in the Agreement;

(iii) acknowledge and agree that akaTrans reserves the right at any time: (a) not to provide or stop providing products – services, (b) to change the list prices for products – services, (c) to change any services currently provided due to maintenance, and (d) to change features, specifications, capabilities, functionality, release date, general availability or other characteristics of the product – service in order to provide a more complete product – service to the customer.

(iv) provide complete and accurate contact information including: full name, address, email, phone number. In case the customer transfers or adds management rights or ownership of customer account or packages of products – services that the customer is using, they need to make sure to update their contact information fully and correctly in the management system of akaTrans.

(v) securely keep account-related information such as access credentials and passwords. Immediately notify akaTrans Team when unauthorized forms of access to customer account are detected due to security loopholes such as loss, theft or disclosure of password information and/ or other confidential information.

(vi) commit to truthfully report the quality of akaTrans’s products and services in all media, websites, forums, etc., and all reports must be accompanied by authentic evidence. akaTrans has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract if it detects that the reported content is unauthenticated, offensive, defamatory and negatively affecting the reputation of akaTrans.


akaTrans provides the following service registration mechanisms:

  • To register for akaTrans machine translation (AMT), customers who are organizations and individuals need to reach akaTrans directly via email akatrans@fsoft.com.vn or contact information listed on the homepage of akaTrans https://akatrans.vn/en/about-us/
  • To register for akaTrans CAT Tool, customers can register as follows:
    • Individual customers can directly access the version for individuals via the address https://mycat.akatrans.vn/
    • Customers who are from businesses or educational institutions wishing to create an account need to reach akaTrans directly via email akatrans@fsoft.com.vn or contact information listed on the homepage of akaTrans https://akatrans.vn/en/about-us/

During registration and use of the service, customers need to comply with the following terms:

  • For business customers, customers can add accounts for employees of the same company. The number of accounts for employees is not limited.
  • For educational institutions, the number of accounts belong to each educational institutions is subject to separate terms of discussion between akaTrans and customers.


akaTrans will stop providing services in the following cases:

(i) Customer violates the provisions of obligations set forth in this Agreement;

(ii) Customers registers with incorrect information (name, phone number, etc.) in order to commit fraudulent activities;

(iii) Accounts with unusual signs such as: one user having used several accounts, many authentication accounts having the same phone number, closely similar accounts;

(iv) Other abnormal cases as defined by akaTrans.


akaTrans is developed and owned by FPT. All intellectual property rights related to akaTrans (including but not limited to the source code, images, data, information and content contained in akaTrans, changes, supplements, updates of akaTrans) and related documents (if any) are solely owned by FPT. No individuals or organizations are allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, or infringe upon the owner’s rights without the written consent and permission of FPT.


akaTrans makes no commitments, declarations, or warranties that Customer’s use of the akaTrans platform will be uninterrupted or error-free; or that the akaTrans platform will meet Customer’s requirements; or all errors on the software and/ or documents will be fixed; or the customer’s overall system is capable of ensuring the operation of the akaTrans platform (this includes but not limited to: internet, other transmission networks, intranets and Customer’s devices).

akaTrans makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, with regards to conditions such as the satisfaction of quality, suitability for specific use, or non-infringement of third party rights. AkaTrans platform is provided as a cloud-based service for Customers. Customers will be solely responsible for determining whether the akaTrans platform or the information generated from the akaTrans platform is correct and fully suitable to its intended use.


akaTrans uses secure and encrypted communication methods (https) to transmit and store your personal and communication data. We are committed to keeping all the information you provide to akaTrans or we collect from you confidential and not disclosing it to any third party unless requested by the Competent State Authorities.

Detailed information about the Privacy Policy of akaTrans can be found here: https://akatrans.vn/en/privacy-statement/


akaTrans may change, modify, add or replace the content of the terms of use at any time in accordance with the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. All changes take effect since they are published on the website https://akatrans.vn/ .

The updated version replaces the terms and conditions of the original agreement. You can visit the website above to see the detailed content of the updated version.


Email address akatrans@fsoft.com.vn or FPT Software Hanoi LLC:

Hotline: (+84) 938 558 186.

Thank you for using our products and services.