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  • What is Termbase?
    Termbase is a repository of terminologies related to a specific topic. Termbase increases consistency, improves translation quality and speeds up translation.
  • Register an akaTrans account?
    akaTrans is a cloud-based system which is easy to register: 1. Access the page 2. Click “Register” 3. Register with your personal email 4. Click Create account
  • What is Translation Memories?
    Translation Memories (TM) is a linguistic database that constantly updates your translations over time, offering the possibility to reuse previous translations. Translation memory accelerates the translation process and greatly improves the translation quality.
  • What is akaTrans Machine Translation?
    akatrans Machine Translation (AMT) is an automatic machine translation powered with AI technologies, offering high-speed performance. AMT allows you to translate large amount of text while retaining the document’s original format. AMT is user-friendly with no special technical requirements. All you need to do is to login and experience our sophisticated and powerful machine translation technology.
  • What is akaTrans?
    akaTrans is a computer-assisted translation system, which aims at increasing language professional’s productivity at every step of the translation process, including editing, reviewing documents and managing projects. akaTrans is a cloud-based Software as a Server (SaaS), which requires no installations. akaTrans is user-friendly, easily tailored to your organization’s needs, and is ideal for anyone who would like to take their translation quality to the next level.