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CAT Tool
Utilities & Features
Save your time and effort
Translation memory (TM) stores sentences, paragraphs and units of text which have previously been translated. This tool automatically suggests similar matches when users translate new documents, which helps them save significant amount of time and effort on translation.
Manage entire translation process
akaTrans provides a collaborative translation environment, easily adapted to the diverse needs of individuals and organizations. Project leaders can add projects, assign tasks and manage the entire translation process.
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Access anytime, anywhere, on any devices
akaTrans is a cloud-based system which is accessible anytime, anywhre and on any devices..
Why choose us
Up to 90% compared with human translation for Japanese and Vietnamese language pair
Quick response
Reducing 50% times of translation duration
AI-integrated technologies
including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big data…
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Ask us anything

  • What is Termbase?
    Termbase is a repository of terminologies related to a specific topic. Termbase increases consistency, improves translation quality and speeds up translation.
  • Register an akaTrans account?
    akaTrans is a cloud-based system which is easy to register: 1. Access the page 2. Click “Register” 3. Register with your personal email 4. Click Create account
  • What is Translation Memories?
    Translation Memories (TM) is a linguistic database that constantly updates your translations over time, offering the possibility to reuse previous translations. Translation memory accelerates the translation process and greatly improves the translation quality.
  • What is akaTrans Machine Translation?
    akatrans Machine Translation (AMT) is an automatic machine translation powered with AI technologies, offering high-speed performance. AMT allows you to translate large amount of text while retaining the document’s original format. AMT is user-friendly with no special technical requirements. All you need to do is to login and experience our sophisticated and powerful machine translation technology.
  • What is akaTrans?
    akaTrans is a computer-assisted translation system, which aims at increasing language professional’s productivity at every step of the translation process, including editing, reviewing documents and managing projects. akaTrans is a cloud-based Software as a Server (SaaS), which requires no installations. akaTrans is user-friendly, easily tailored to your organization’s needs, and is ideal for anyone who would like to take their translation quality to the next level.
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