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The story begins in 2018 when two developers from FPT Software were seeking to answer how to faster globalize the technologies “made-in-Vietnam”. At that time, they were in charge of developing a translation tool to help internal translators save time and increase productivity. It became clear that an AI-powered product would solve the problem. Thus, akaTrans – a computer-assisted translation tool was born.
Translation is an integral part of the localization industry. Integrating AI into the translation process could help achieve effective solutions for businesses and individuals.
akaTrans, above all, is not only a smart translation tool, but also a remarkable contribution to the translator community.
Bringing cutting-edge solutions to the translation community is always the mission and vision of what we do.
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AI-powered translation platform. Our goal is to become the leading translation platform in Vietnam and South East Asia
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akaTrans We bring about cutting-edge, comprehensive solutions for translators, profit and non-profit organizations with the support of advanced technologies.

With the advantage of technology, we facilitate the localization process, make it more convenient and more economical.

We work with universities to incorporate advanced technologies and efficient translation process into curriculum, and help grow a competent translation workforce for the society.

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